Hosted Email Exchange

Email Hosting services

Why should you have a hosted email provider? Isn’t all email the same?

No, absolutely not!

Viruses are spread most commonly via email. Ever get a strange email and are worried about opening it? With our Exchange hosting services, we offer an automatic virus checking of all inbound and outbound emails and their attachments. Hosted email allows you to be sure that your data is secure, taking one more load off your mind.


What’s included:
  • 25GB of storage space
  • Outlook email boxes
  • Mobile phone access
  • Enterprise Virus & Spam protection
  • Data synchronisation
  • Email archiving
  • Out of office replies
  • Full mail and contacts calendar share


No hardware costs

Save money by letting us deal with the day to day running of the hardware and software, leaving you to focus on your business.

Email Archiving

We provide full email archiving to each of your accounts. Every email in and out of your business is backed up for you in the cloud. Removing the need for you to struggle with backing up large outlook data files from your own PC or Laptop.

It grows with you

As your company grows so can your communications infrastructure. Add new mailboxes as and when you need them with full integration between each new mail box.

Security and peace of mind

Hosted in a controlled data centre, maintained 24/7/365, your business email hosting is backed up every night and is totally secure. To help prevent unauthorised and accidental distribution of data, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 includes a wide range of information protection and control features.