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Techevolution offers a wide range of IT services from Stockport and Greater Manchester and throughout Cheshire and Lancashire. From business startup support to office moves, IT consultancy, website & email hosting, software & hardware consultancy at Techevolution we have the solution.

Our IT consultancy services come highly recommended throughout the North West. Take a look at some of our delighted customers’ comments:



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Project Management

Are you considering a major change to the structure of the business? Or, are you looking to enhance and upgrade? We work closely with businesses in this way, mapping out solutions in plain English to ensure a smooth and cost effective transition from the old to the new. We work with 3rd parties in order to bring projects together on time, taking the pressure off you in order for you to maintain the running of the business.


Business Start-up Support

Your first hour’s consultation is free with Techevolution, we like to keep costs under control and we do our best to ensure you get good value for money. We have over 13 years experience in supporting the legal sector and work with several new start-ups in this and other sectors. We are always happy to meet and discuss your requirements; we don’t just sell you systems and leave you to it. Aftercare and support are what we do best, we are always here to help.

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Small to Medium Sized Business Support

We understand the pressures involved in running a small business; we also understand the benefits of being a small business too. Direction can change overnight and we are ready to implement change at a realistic timescale. We are here to talk, so if you’d like to find out how Techevolution can work with you then drop us an email and we’ll get in touch.

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Backup Solutions

As I’m sure you are well aware, keeping backup copies of data is crucial to business. There are countless ways in which to do this and we will look at the best solution for your business. There are many options available to businesses when it comes to backup solutions, Techevolution will look at the options and propose the best solution for you and your business.


Office Moves

Reduce the hassle of migrating your IT system to your new office. We provide a migration service that suits the needs of the organisation. We work with you to ensure all aspects of the business are covered and a structured plan is drawn up to ensure everything moves forward with the least amount of disruption to the business as possible.


Email Solutions

With our hosted email solutions, you get more than just email. Our service provides you with full support, backup archiving, 25GB storage and full protection against unwanted spam and virus threats. In addition to this, full email archiving solutions are available.


IT Consultancy

Techevolution don’t have to provide your business with full IT Support. We can act as an independent consultancy, like an internal member of your team to ensure you are getting good service and value for money from your existing provider.


Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Allow your business to succeed online. Our web hosting packages offer reliable, cost-effective solutions to allow your website to become highly accessible and secure, backed with 24/7 support and maintenance.


Software and Hardware Consultancy

Whether it’s a fault with your current system or you’re unsure about an upgrade, we offer full friendly support and advice on all aspects of your IT infrastructure at pace that suits your needs.


For more information about any of our IT services please contact us for a free no obligation assessment of your requirements.

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